Jennifer Lawrence recalls ‘scary, loud’ childhood

Jennifer Lawrence had a ‘scary’ upbringing. The 22-year-old actress grew up on a horse farm in Louisville, Kentucky, and says her chaotic countryside childhood helped make her a tough and independent person.

When probed about her early memories, Jennifer said: ‘It was happy [but also] scary, sweary and loud, where everyone had a bit of a drinking problem and everyone screams at each other, but it was real fun.

‘My brothers used to throw their soup at me and drag me round the house by my hair and then pretend they didn’t. Bland families, urgh. I hate them.’

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress insists she doesn’t take her work too seriously and can’t help but crack jokes even during the filming of intense scenes. She told Britain’s Vogue magazine: ‘I’m just like this idiot girl who doesn’t even know what she’s doing… I can’t stand this bulls**t – even if it’s real. Like, it’s just a job right, and if you can’t say a ‘who farted?’ joke in an emotional scene… I mean, come on!

‘Let’s just all hang out together! Let’s relax! We all fart, right?’

Jennifer thinks there’s nothing worse than shy people and says she has no patience for anyone who can’t even make small talk with her. She said: ‘Oh, I can’t stand shy people. Like, make it up already. Ask about the weather, don’t stare at your plate and make me feel like I’m making you uncomfortable!’


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