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Jennifer Lawrence on Her New Movie, New Relationship, and How She Stays So Damn Relatable



VOGUE – Behold, a miracle: Jennifer Lawrence, sitting still.


It’s a warm evening in Los Angeles, and Lawrence and I are alongside a fire pit in the backyard of a Mediterranean-style home high in the hills, where the air smells of flowers, money, and the negligible carbon burned thoughtfully by electric cars. The chaos of Hollywood feels a zillion miles away.


This is not Lawrence’s actual home. It’s a rental. Lawrence’s real home “broke” while she was away—a madcap story involving crystals and . . . well, let Lawrence tell it:


“When I first moved in, the house was crystalled out—crystals everywhere, and geodes,” she explains. “And I was like, ‘Please get rid of these; I don’t want people to come over here and think I’m a crystal person.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


“But everyone told me, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t move them. You have to have the crystal lady who put them in move them. . . . ’ ”


You know where this is going. Lawrence did not get the crystal lady. “I just had all the crystals yanked out. Sold them. And then my fucking house flooded.”


“I hate crystals,” Lawrence says.

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Gallery Update



Gallery Links:

Missing Photoshoots Added

I added all kinds of missing photoshoots to the gallery. Sorry for the delay. Check them out below.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #010 ~ L’Express Styles
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #011 ~ Passengers Portraits
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #012 ~ USA Today
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #013 ~ YO Dona
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #014 ~ Yu Tsai

Vanity Fair: Jennifer Lawrence, Star without a Script

In a mere six years, Jennifer Lawrence has blazed past every marker of Hollywood stardom, with no sign of slowing down: next month’s science-fiction romance Passengers will be followed by movies with Steven Spielberg, Adam McKay, and Darren Aronofsky. In unreal circumstances, Lawrence is learning to assert herself as a real person, whether that means equal pay, privacy, or never being a bridesmaid again.

Read more at Vanity and check out the magazine cover and the shoot in the gallery by following the links below.

Gallery Links:
– Scans From 2016 > Vanity Fair Holiday 2016/2017
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #009 ~ Vanity Fair Holiday 2016/2017

Harper’s Bazaar US (May 2016)

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s May issue looking like a breath of fresh air. Done up in soft pinks and blues, the spread is downright gorgeous, and the accompanying interview is classic, candid J Law. From recalling the time she partied too hard with Emma Stone and Adele to her thoughtful views on feminism and body image in Hollywood, it’s totally worth a read. See the fabulous photos here!

Gallery Links:
– Scans From 2016 > Harper’s Bazaar US (May 2016)
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #007 ~ Harper’s Bazaar US (May 2016)

“73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards” Portrait

Thanks to AliKat, I added a unseen portrait of Jennifer during the “73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards”. Enjoy.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #006 ~ 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

Vogue US 2015 Addition

Thanks to Mickey, I was able to add one missing pic to the Vogue US December 2015 album. I hope you like it.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2015 > Shoot #003 ~ Vogue US December 2015

Vanity Fair Scans & Unknown Photoshoot & Dior Additions

I added a bunch of missing pics to the gallery. I added the scans of Vanity Fair magazine. Check a few posts below to see the previously added pics. I also added additions of an unknown photoshoot Jennifer did. And I added a few missing pics to the Dior album. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– Scans From 2016 > Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood Issue (22nd Annual) +4
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #004 +4
– Dior > Dior Addict Lipstick 2015 +5

Hollywood’s Fiercest Women Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

For Vanity Fair’s 2016 Hollywood Portfolio, the legendary photographer captured 13 of the cinema’s finest actresses for the portraits you see here. Measured by years, awards, or performances, they’re dazzling to behold.

With almost more life force than ought to be allowed, Jennifer Lawrence has seized the forefront as a dragonslayer with a goofy streak, a female Lancelot with a playful glint, capable of getting up to no good. It is this champagne tickle beneath her oval surface that has enabled her to scale from the rawboned resilience of Winter’s Bone—the film that first put her in the firmament—to the rallying defiance of the Hunger Games series and mutant agonistes of the X-Men franchise without becoming an ennobled drag. Every emotion shines through her fresh and untinted. The creative threesome with writer-director David O. Russell and the never demure Bradley Cooper—Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle (her tutorial on the dangers of the “science oven” belongs to the ages), and Joy, where she mops up her fourth Oscar nomination at the infernally young age of 25—gave her room to carom and showcased the irrepressible side of her that makes her every red-carpet appearance and awards ceremony a potential Happening, especially if Amy Schumer is in on the caper.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #005 ~ Vanity Fair

Unknown photoshoot Added

I added an unknown photoshoot to the gallery. Thanks to Mickey for sending me these. If you know where they belong to, please let me know.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #004

Magazine Scan Update

I added scans of Elle Magazine, the France edition of December 2015, Glamour Magazine February 2016: Jennifer did a cover shoot. I added the cover and the shoot. I hope to find the magazine scans soon. Last but not least, I found scans of Joy Indonesia Magazine, the January 2016 issue. Check all additions below. Follow the links to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
– Scans From 2015 > Elle Magazine (France) (December 2015)
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #003 ~ Glamour February 2016
– Scans From 2016 > Glamour Magazine (February 2016)
– Scans From 2016 > Joy Magazine (Indonesia) (January 2016)

Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Dior

I added the latest shoot Jennifer did for Dior. It was shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Gallery Links:
– Dior > October 2015 Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Elle Malaysia Scans & Photoshoot

Jennifer Lawrence has appeared in some unpublished shots, always made by ELLE. This time I posted the version of Malaysia, which has released new images of a photo shoot with the girl. Her look is more elegant than ever! Jennifer was featured on the cover of ELLE, the paper version distributed in Hong Kong. She is portrayed half-length, with wearing a strange dress and frowning. This is the number to be released in January 2016, which will also feature an exclusive interview with the actress and a photoshoot. So no need to go to China to enjoy all of it, check the links below.

Gallery Links:
– Scans From 2016 > Elle (Malaysia) (January 2016)
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #002 ~ Elle Malaysia (January 2016)

L’Officiel China January 2016 Photoshoot

I added the first shots of Jennifers spread for the Chinese Official Magazine, January 2016. I hope they release more. Scroll down to find the cover. Or click the link below.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2016 > Shoot #001 ~ L’Officiel China (January 2016)
– Scans From 2016 > L’Officiel (China) (January 2016)

New unseen Entertainment Weekly shot

I found a new shot, which Jennifer did for Entertainment Weekly. The previous shoot was done by Robert Trachtenberg. This new shot was made by Sarah Dunn. That’s why it was put in a different album. Check back in a few minutes for more photoshoot updates.

Gallery Links:
– Photoshoots From 2015 > Shoot #008 ~ Entertainment Weekly- Sarah Dunn

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